e-book drawing encouragement draft


Please see above link for a copy of some of my drawings created into a little rough e-book.

Let me know what you think if you like.




Have had some play time with feathers lately 😊image

Cards available for sale :)

Pack of 4 cards for $10                                                                                                                              plus $3 postage if within Australia (unless we can meet so I can pass them to you)                – email lyn.ferg@gmail.com if interested 🙂


A Pearl

A Pearl
A Pearl

A pearl – like much of life is formed when an irritant comes in.  That could be a source of frustration, pain, hardship, challenge…
I imagine that some of the life-blood of the sea creature in the shell is poured out over what may be hurtful -> embracing and accepting…and the beauty grows, covering and creating beauty…

What may appear to be a mess, may indeed be the seed bed of new life, beauty, new growth and strength…don’t give up in the process…




Courage :)


Be willing to risk – Life is full of opportunities to launch out into mystery- those times when you can’t see what is up ahead and you choose to give it a go.

I remember getting on a plane and wondering how that hunky chunk of metal could fly through the air, then once in the air being amazed that people looked like ants.

It reminded me that the problems we have may at times seem huge – but perhaps seen from a higher perspective not so…

Even allowing for the skill and gains in technology it takes a sort of courage to trust and have a go…

So this feathered flying thing – if we analyse things too much they can seem impossible.  Live with mystery, wonder, fun, complexity – hehehe don’t try too hard, eh 🙂